Businesses with a local client base are missing out on a great opportunity to raise their profile and increase credibility. 
In May 2012 Google+ Local was introduced to give businesses the opportunity to create their own listing (effectively a mini website) on Page 1 Google search engine within days. A listing introduces the business, displays contact information, customer reviews and much more. An example of a professional listing is shown below:


Listings are being added by businesses at a rapid rate and optimized to display more regularly, project a professional image, raise credibility and encourage prospects to call. As Google only list a maximum of seven businesses those listings which have been claimed and optimized are more likely to appear when a prospect types in a location based search term (e.g. Solicitor Newcastle upon Tyne). Many businesses are unaware they have an existing listing which if unclaimed and optimized looks similar to the following:


Any business owner can claim the Google+ local listing for their business (it’s free), the challenge is to ensure it is optimized to be found against relevant keywords and it has reviews listed both to improve the chances of display and to raise credibility. Only Google knows how their selection operates but there is strong evidence that those companies with reviews in their listings have a higher chance of display than those which don’t. As more businesses claim their listing the challenge will be to ensure your listing displays (as one of the seven) instead of the competition. A search for ‘builder Durham City’ displays the following near the top of page 1 Google


A map shows the location of each listed business (A-G). Notice, only seven businesses are displayed. The red dots on the map (without a letter) are businesses found by Google in the area which the search engine has decided not to display. Optimized listings are more likely to display.


For more information call 01670513378 or EMail For instructions on how to set up your own Google+ local listing then simply complete the following and we will EMail them to you free of charge.

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