Specialists in Marketing Strategy and delivery.

We cover the full range of marketing services including

  -  Marketing analysis 
  -  Marketing strategy and planning
  -  Customer retention
  -  New customer aquisition
  -  Word of Mouth marketing
  -  Contact / Database management

We deliver:

ONLINE MARKETING                                      TRADITIONAL MARKETING

  -  Website development                                - Marketing strategy and Planning
  -  New Website introduction                          - Direct mail
  -  Social Media & Networking                         - Press release                      
  -  Search engine marketing                            - Contact management (CRM)
  -  E Marketing (Newsletter, EMail)                  - Service delivery
  -  E-Brochures
  -  Pay Per Click marketing

Of course, each of these disciplines breaks down into sub areas of experise which are covered by our services. For example search engine marketing may include, keyword research, competitor keyword analysis, linking strategies, article marketing and measurement and analysis.

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