Of course it is possible for any business owner (or appointed team member) to implement a entire marketing program themselves without any external support. To suceed all that is required is the will to suceed, the time to learn techniques and implement the program and a commitment to continue to promote the business on an ongoing (rather than ad hoc) basis.

Should you wish to implement our marketing process instructions on how to proceed are given below. If at any point you have a question then please get in touch on 01670513378 and we will endeavour to help.

Step 1 - The value of recommendations and referrals to business are well established. It is one of the cheapest, most effective ways to secure new customers. The process is based on using your existing customers to recommend you after a job well done but how do you ask for a referral without damaging a good relationship? what is needed is a non-confrontational, proven, simple method to generate referrals and recommendations. There are many web based systems but is a past customer really going take the time to login to recommend you. What is needed is an offline system, one of which can be found here.

Step 2 - Raise your profile on Google and get a mini website on Page 1. Since May 2012 Google+ Local has provided businesses with a local client base with the opportunity to build a mini website and have it listed on Page 1 Google and it's free. You can read more here, submit your request for a full set of instructions (free of charge) via Email or set up a Google account, login to Google+, claim your business listing and edit to project a professional company image.

Step 3 - With a raised profile and some business coming in via referral and recommendation it is now time to sit down and review your business, your plans for the future and your marketing. Get this part of the process wrong and it is probable you could waste considerable time, resources (and cash) on a ineffective plan which will not deliver the required result.

We always recommend employing a marketing professional to help you with this part of the process. If not, a number of free flow charts (full access is limited to members) are available on the Chartered Institute of Marketing website which may clarify the steps to take.

Step 4 - A central point (usually a website) should be created to project a professional image, provide useful information to potential customers, increase your credibility via testimonial and case studies and, crucially, convert prospects to customers. 

Unless your website is found by those searching for your services then it will be wasted. It is therefore important to invest some resources in search engine marketing.
The basics of SEM are not difficult (but it is a time consuming)  but it is a process which requires ongoing attention. It is not a one off activity.

Step 5 - With your website in place use it in all of your customer communications. Use it to inform your existing customers of the full range of services you provide and extract more from those customers via up sell / cross sell.

Step 6 - Your priority should always be to retain your existing customers and extract more from those customers but with suitable systems in place it is then time to move on to finding more cutomers which match the profile of your current key customers


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