Suppose you were making a buying decision and where faced with two similar websites of two similar vendors. Both looked professional, both could supply your requirements at a similar price. One website listed genuine (we can all spot the made up ones a mile off!) satisfied client reviews while the other did not. Which vendor would you choose?

Your potential customers make similar decisions every day. The problem is how do you collect reviews and testimonials in a non threatening, ongoing, consistent basis. When you have the reviews how to you present them to your potential customers to aid their buying decision.

We supply the means for you to collect testimonials with a minimum of effort. We process those testimonials and present them to Google so they are published on your Google+ Local page. We collect genuine client feedback and Email to you for action and provide a quantified measure of customer service on a monthly basis. Finally, (possibly most important) we collect recommendations and referrals and Email them to you for follow up.

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